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Low Impact Tourism
PEQ organizes for tourists to stay with indigenous Mayan families and to visit remote areas of cloud or rainforest which are only accessible by foot.

Eco-tourism drastically reduces the pressure on the forest, because farmers realize that it can be more profitable to show the intact forest to tourists rather than cut and burn the trees to plant more corn.
PEQ has eco-tourism programs in two very different communities; Chicacnab (Cloud forest) and Rokjá Pomtilá (sub-tropical rain forest).
Arrayán Candles
PEQ initiated a project to develop a small artisans business with participants from the Mayan Q'eqchi' communitites of the remote cloud forest.

The women in these communities were taught to make the naturally aromatic Arrayán candles that their ancestors made years ago.
Click HERE to find out more about how these candles are saving the forest, and how you can get your hands on them!